Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome To Svend Design - offering great web design, logo design, graphic design and world class seo marketing

We like making things that people use

It is very difficult to capture what we do in a single line so we end up writing these statements that can sound like marketing fluff. Here is a longer explanation of what we do.

“...if it has a screen we will design for it.”

Since we started in 2002, we’ve been focussed on designing digital products and services that people use. The majority of this type of work is Web sites. Why? Because that is the most mature and common digital product platform in existence.

Increasingly we are being asked to design for mobile devices; mobile web and native applications for iOS and Android. We've even helped several companies design the operating systems for their phones (sorry we can't say who... yet).

As the digital world gets more sophisticated, companies like us don’t just design Web sites. We often say, "if it has a screen we will design for it".

The things we design get used.

This is a different type of work than "advertising" whose job is to get noticed. That is the job of paid media. While there are some really interesting things going on in paid media, we don’t specialize in that. There are other companies who are really good at that.

Clients commonly come to us to:

Improve an existing product
Maybe you have a site that has grown tired and people have stopped using it. We do a lot of redesign work and help clients get the next version of their sites, apps or software working.
See what we did for The Globe and Mail

Create a new product
Maybe you are looking to create something unique and new. It has no or little legacy and want to build the best possible product.
See what we did for Medium

Create demand
You have products and services but want to create demand for them. We believe that you create demand by being useable and useful to users, not annoying them with banner ads.

We really like to let our work and more importantly our results do the speaking... Explore this site and you will see much of both.